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0 August 14, 2013  Careers in Construction, On The Job

When Rodney Flamer enrolled in ABC Eastern Pennsylvania’s apprenticeship program in 2006, there weren’t many people who would have expected him to be sitting in an office four years later as an estimator.

At the start of Flamer’s apprenticeship and his job as a carpenter for Klover Contracting in Pennsylvania, he saw the opportunity as a way to turn his life away from a past he wanted to leave behind. Throughout his training, Flamer spent his days working hard and proving he was a responsible and reliable employee, ultimately graduating from the program in 2010.

Rodney Flamer (far left) at the ABC Eastern Pennsylvania apprenticeship graduation.

Rodney Flamer (far left) at the ABC Eastern Pennsylvania apprenticeship graduation.

Despite his skills and focus on carpentry, Flamer’s interest turned to estimating. Because of the impression he left on his employer, he was given the chance to move into Klover’s office and begin another line of work in the construction industry — as an estimator.

“He’s a passionate and proud worker,” says Curt Johnson, Klover Contracting business development manager. “His level of dedication showed us that he had intangible skills that you can’t always teach.”

Because of his transition from a skilled worker on the jobsite to an in-office job, the ABC Eastern Pennsylvania chapter brings Flamer back to speak to both member companies and current apprentices. His success story exemplifies the importance of training programs and the various paths they offer.

“Because he knew the trade and had experience in the field, he was much more prepared to be an estimator,” said Johnson. “Some of our most successful estimators started in the field because they can relate what’s on paper to the actual job.”



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