Congressman Seeks to Open Apprenticeships to Veterans

0 December 19, 2013  Construction Training, Uncategorized, Workforce Issues

On Oct. 30, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.) introduced a bill into the U.S. House of Representatives that would make it easier for veterans to take advantage of apprenticeship programs. The Veterans Entry to Apprenticeship Act (3384) would amend Title 38 to allow veterans to use their educational benefits for enrollment in pre-apprenticeship programs. “As an Army veteran […]


Construction Industry Reaching Students Through Public Television

0 November 15, 2013  Careers in Construction, Construction Training, Uncategorized

Students in Cleveland schools are getting the opportunity to learn about careers in construction through a partnership between the ABC Northern Ohio Chapter and WVIZ, the Cleveland affiliate for PBS.  As part of their web-based “Careers Exploration Series,” a PBS moderator engaged a panel of industry experts to talk to high school students to highlight the […]


Louisiana Students Choose Their Education Path

1 August 7, 2013  Careers in Construction, Construction Training, Uncategorized

Louisiana has launched a pilot program, Course Choice, that allows students access to hundreds of in-person and online academic and career education courses often not available in traditional schools, ranging from college prep classes to welding and electrical training. More than 2,000 students already are enrolled in the program and the waitlist has grown to […]


Plumbing v. Harvard: Why Craft Training Beats College

0 July 30, 2013  The Skills Gap, Uncategorized

Are you better off going to Harvard or joining a construction craft training or apprenticeship program and becoming a plumber? New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is betting on plumbers. According to a May article from MSN Money Bloomberg answered a question during his weekly radio address: “Compare a plumber to going to Harvard College; […]