Louisiana Course Choice Wins Praise for ABC Training Partnership

0 February 2, 2015  Careers in Construction, Construction Training, featured, On The Job

As we often preach around these parts, traditional classroom learning isn’t for everyone.  Many students who fall behind as they sit through the standard college-prep curriculum, excel when they’re put in a hands-on learning environment focused on career ready skills training.  This is certainly the case for one student in Louisiana who, thanks to the newly created Course Choice Program, has the freedom and flexibility in his high school curriculum to pursue a career in construction.

According to 18-year old Courtland Benedict, who is training for a welding career at the Associated Builders and Contractors Pelican Chapter,  he’s already ahead of the earning curve,

“I would probably graduate in May and then go into the construction industry as a helper and then work my way up. But now that I’m getting out of school I can make top dollar as a welder. I could have come out of school making $12 an hour and now I’m coming out of school making $36 an hour.”

Read more about Louisiana’s innovative program here.

Mike Glavin

Mike Glavin

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