Middle School Students Get a Head Start on Craft Training

0 May 29, 2013  On The Job

If construction craft trainees get to learn while they work, why not younger potential skilled workers, as well?

As part of the 2011 Spirit of Construction Foundation’s Construction Club, a group of 18 Cincinnati-area middle school students got a taste of what it takes to be skilled construction craftsmen, all while building something that would help others.

These students used drafting, engineering, architecture, carpentry, electrical engineering, plumbing and roofing skills to build a playhouse that was donated to the Head Start of Boone County. The playhouse had many features of a full-size house, including working windows, a full-size and child-size door and electricity.

The middle school outreach effort is possible through a collaboration between the Spirit of Construction Foundation, the Ohio Valley Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, and the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board.

And this project is only one of many. Check out the Spirit of Construction’s other initiatives.

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