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Our industry is facing a workforce crisis—construction firms, the news media, legislators and educators unanimously agree.

Although a great deal of ink has been spilled highlighting this skills gap, the hard work being done to train the up-and-coming workforce is rarely reported.  And without a credible source of information about these initiatives and success stories, decision makers focus on workforce needs in other industries.

WorkforceUnderConstruction.com is a step towards correcting that problem by highlighting efforts across the nation to build the merit shop construction workforce.

Here, you will find the tools to educate policymakers, regulators, educators, parents and the media about construction training innovations and best practices throughout the country – and you’ll get a chance to see some great success stories from training advocates across the industry.

This infographic shows a few of the efforts being made to build a safe and sustainable construction workforce for the 21st century. Check back often to see many other impressive initiatives and stories.

Construction Industry - Info-03

Mike Glavin

Mike Glavin

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Mike is the Director of Workforce Policy at Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

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