5 Reasons To Choose a Career in Construction

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Everyone chooses their career for different reasons, but what most people are looking for is something that they enjoy doing while allowing them to earn a living and provide for their families. In a video interviewing six different construction apprentices and journeymen, they share why they decided to enter the construction industry, the benefits it provides them and what they enjoy most about their work. Here are their top five reasons to choose a career in construction.

  1. The jobs are out there
    Whether you’re entering the workforce out of high school or out of college, finding a job can be very hard. That’s not always the case in construction. There are always going to be jobs for people who are willing to work hard with their hands to build the nation when there might not always be positions open for a teacher like Mike Bradley notes in the video below.
  2. It’s challenging, but rewarding work
    Unlike a lot of industries, working in construction offers different and unique challenges every day. Gerald Vick mentions in the video that his job allows him to use his mind to work with his hands in order to complete the task at hand and Adam Emery mentions the pride he feels by seeing the product of his labor every day.
  3. It pays well
    Both Steven Miller and Laramie Griffin touch on the fact that the pay in the industry is competitive and offers lucrative opportunities. In fact, an NPR article stated that the average electrician makes $5,000 more a year than the average college graduate.
  4. It’s a great alternative to a four-year university
    Not everyone wants to go to college, and that’s ok. There’s plenty of opportunity in construction to continue and advance your education. With an apprenticeship through ABC, you’re learning on the job, in the class room and making money at the same time.
  5. It helps you plan for your future
    Every one of the apprentices in the video knows that construction isn’t just their job, it’s their career. Committing to the industry and working hard can set you up for a bright future both financially and with room to grow professionally.

Check out the full video below and learn more about what these construction professionals have to say about the industry.




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