Veteran Electrician Honored as Craft Instructor of the Year

0 April 25, 2014  Careers in Construction, Construction Training

Lloyd Evans, the hiring and training administrator for Watson Electrical Construction Co. LLC, Wilson, N.C., was recognized as Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) 2014 Craft Instructor of the Year. After more than 45 years in the industry and working his way up through the company, Evans’ uses his skills and experience to support his students as they begin their career in construction.

Evans, a Vietnam Veteran, began as an electrical helper for Watson Electrical Construction and has proven his ability and skill as he’s worked his way up as a foreman, supervisor, office and division manager and now as the hiring and training administrator. He focuses on educating new hires about the company, assisting with the company training processes, and working with apprentices by teaching and training them for local and national competitions.

“Lloyd’s knowledge, experience and his positive attitude serves as a great example to our apprentices and other employees,” said Darren Green, vice president of human resources at Watson Electrical Construction. “He is willing to make himself available to help anyone who desires to learn more about the electrical industry or needs help in any area.

Lloyd Evans, hiring and training administrator for Watson Electrical Construction Co. LLC of Wilson, N.C.

Lloyd Evans, hiring and training administrator for Watson Electrical Construction Co. LLC of Wilson, N.C.

Evans is also a NCCER Master Trainer and NCCER Sponsor Representative for both Watson Electrical Construction and at the local Community College. He participates in career fairs throughout our state to help educate high school students about the benefits of a career in the electrical industry and works closely with military veterans to educate them on opportunities with his company and the electrical industry as a whole when they leave the service.

As an instructor, Evans provides a unique learning environment, using direct application of student knowledge and hands-on techniques and easy-to-understand comparisons for complicated subjects. When working with students, Evans often draws from his own experiences on the job experiences to provide real world application of the training material.

“Lloyd Evans takes a lot of pride in everything that he does,” said Shaun Birch, one of Evans’ electrical students. “Lloyd would never give up on a student, even when they try to give up on themselves. He’s always there giving them the confidence needed to be successful.”

As the 2014 Craft Instructor of the Year, Evans will be honored during ABC’s Workforce Development Conference May 2 in Birmingham, Ala. and will receive a cash prize from the Trimmer Construction Education Foundation, a trophy, and a tablet and leather jacket from NCCER.



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