Choosing a Career in Construction

0 October 1, 2014  Careers in Construction, featured, On The Job

October is Career in Construction month and we are sharing the story of craft trainees and professionals from across the country who know they made the right decision when they started their career in the construction industry. While not everyone shares the same journey, there’s common ground between each and every person that chooses to become a craft professional.

  • They like working with their hands
  • They take pride in looking at a finished project and saying “I built that”
  • They want to financially provide for their families and the construction industry allows that with excellent pay
  • They know that a career in construction offers endless opportunities

In this video, past National Craft Championship competitors share their journey into the industry and why it was the best fit for them.

If you or anyone you know can relate to the four bullet points above, a career in construction might be the right fit for you. Learn more about the opportunities and explore what the industry offers by reading or by reaching out to the Associated Builders and Contractors chapter nearest to you.



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