Holley’s Story: From Robotics to Welding

1 September 13, 2013  Careers in Construction, featured, On The Job

Holley Thomas competed in the 2013 National Craft Championships in Welding-Pipe. She got into construction after taking a welding class at college. When she completed her robotics degree, she stuck around to get her certificate in welding. Find out why she loves her job.

Kinsey Cooper

Kinsey Cooper

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One Response to Holley’s Story: From Robotics to Welding

Daniel October 6, 2013 at 4:25 PM

It is very encouraging to see that there are still young people out there with a passion for welding. Holley has it right. Manfucturers are turning to robotics to compensate for the lack of qualified welders in today’s markent.

Holley’s combination of being a good welder and knowldge of robotics is a great asset that many companies are looking for.

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