Skilled Workforce Initiative Launches in Wisconsin

0 August 14, 2013  featured, Workforce Issues

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development


Behind the leadership of Gov. Scott Walker (R) and with unanimous support from the state legislature, the “Wisconsin Fast Forward” program was formally launched last week to address the Badger State’s increasing need for skilled workers. The state-wide partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation and the Wisconsin Technical College System will result in $15 million in workforce training grants to industry-driven training programs by the end of the year. The legislative language that launched Wisconsin Fast Forward also authorized the creation of a new Office of Skills Development to administer the grant funds.

One of the keys to Wisconsin Fast Forward is it’s commitment to skills development and training in high-demand occupations.  To ensure that taxpayer money is being used effectively on the most urgent workforce needs, Wisconsin Fast Forward also authorizes the creation of a labor market information system to assist the Office of Skills development.

The program is a part of the $100 million in workforce investments that Gov. Walker submitted in his most recent state budget.

“The Wisconsin Fast Forward initiative is quickly moving forward to provide workers with the training they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow,” Governor Walker said.  “These grants will be used help Wisconsin workers gain new skills, connect workers with jobs, and foster job creation and expansion by offering innovative training solutions that match employers’ current needs.”

Wisconsin joins Kansas, and Texas in making skilled workforce training a priority this year.

Learn more about the Wisconsin Fast Forward program here.

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